Development – 2016 Annual Fund

The Rockbridge Historical Society, one of the oldest and largest county societies in Virginia, has launched its Annual Fund drive.

Many of you are aware that the Society receives income from rent on the historic buildings which we own, and from membership dues. These are important factors in maintaining our financial stability, and we have committed ourselves to good financial health by not assuming any debt, and by projecting a balanced budget.  Nevertheless, these measures are not sufficient in themselves to meet all our operating costs, and we need the Annual Fund to help fully fund our needs and programs.

Below, you can download a pledge card as well as a copy of our Annual Fund appeal letter, which details our goals and programs more specifically.  In addition to enhanced memberships and donations, RHS friends and supporters have arranged employers’ matching gifts. We also appreciate the continued and growing support of philanthropic individuals and private foundations.

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to do so, please consider a gift now and/or RHS Planned Giving.

RHS Planned Giving Page 2

Thank you for your support!

AF 2016 Annual Fund Letter

Pledge Card 2016