Planned Giving

The Rockbridge Historical Society invites you to consider Planned Giving opportunities, as a long-term sustainable means for securing our financial strength, and projecting our capacities over time.

Major categories of Planned Gifts include 1) Appreciated Assets, such as Stocks;  2) Charitable Gift Annuities or Trusts; 3) Gifts payable upon the donor’s death, such as a Bequest in a will.

In conjunction with our Annual Giving Campaigns, and Endowment Fund, we hope some of the alternatives detailed in the brochure linked here will provide you strategic choices in how you choose to invest your contributions, and your care, in our longstanding mission.

Planned Giving

If you are interested in learning more about Planned Giving for RHS, please email us at or call 540.260.5091.

We’d love to speak with you about what makes you passionate about Rockbridge history, its people, its places.  And we will be glad to help you learn about some of the strategies and outcomes, through which you can secure that rich legacy, for others.