April 3 Program: Denmark, at the Foot of House Mountain: A Rockbridge Village in Time
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Kerr’s Creek Baptist Church

Sunday, April 3, 2:00 PM



Presentation Slides from Denmark Program


RHS’ April Program will revisit the terrain surrounding House Mountain, a clear draw for December’s record-breaking audience for “The Haunts of House Mountain.”

The afternoon presentation will cover the period from Denmark’s beginning in 1800 to the closure of its last commercial business in the early 20th Century.  Accompanied by historic artifacts and a map of the community, a slideshow and remarks will be based on the Teaford Papers, a chronology of life in that period left to us by Cleopatra Hartbarger (1894-1979) and her daughter Seatta Hartbarger Teaford (1918-2012) .

The program will be presented by Reed Belden, based on work by Barbara Bennington Nunely and Stewart Bennington, who have studied these papers over the past decade.

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