June program: Rockbridge in Liberia: The Colonization Movement in Rockbridge, 1830s-1860s
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Monday June 8, 6:30 Reception, 7:30 Talk by Dr. Neely Young
First Baptist Church, Lexington, 130 N. Main

On Monday June 8th, at Lexington’s First Baptist Church, the Rockbridge Historical Society welcomes you to its second program of the year, free and open to the public. A 6:30 social hour reception will be followed by a 7:30 presentation by Dr. Neely Young: RHS Board Member, and author of Ripe for Emancipation: Rockbridge and Southern Antislavery from Revolution to Civil War.

The talk and following discussion will center on some of the local histories connected to the national and international developments in early Liberia. Chief among those figures is Othello Richards, a former slave of the McDowell family who purchased his freedom, then trained as a Methodist minister, before becoming one of the early antebellum emissaries to Liberia. Young’s presentation will also include material from his more recent study of the Richards/ Colemen family in the transatlantic crossings between America and Liberia from the 19th into the 21st centuries.

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