New Exhibit: Images of the Rock Bridge from Jefferson to Miley to Today
This is my site Written by mskovira on October 9, 2014 – 1:56 pm
Miley photo of Natural Bridge

Miley photo of Natural Bridge

Opens October 25 at in the Remsberg Gallery at Campbell House, 101 E. Washington St., Lexington

RHS will exhibit a collection of 19th Century art prints and photographs of Natural Bridge. Highlights include greatly enlarged prints of the Bridge in the 1880s, taken from large-format camera photos by Michael Miley and C.H. James, a Philadelphia photographer who was engaged by the Natural Bridge Forest Company. Text includes a letter by Jefferson’s granddaughter about their unpleasant trip to Natural Bridge in 1817; material on Colonel Henry C. Parsons, a railroad entrepreneur who formed the Natural Bridge Forest Company in the 1880s and made Natural Bridge the largest privately owned park in the United States and a popular tourist vacation destination; the story of the Greyhound bus bound for Washington, D.C. that nearly plummeted off the top of the Bridge in 1936;  Eleanor Roosevelt’s trip to the Bridge in 1937; and perspectives on the recent purchase and preservation efforts involving Natural Bridge.

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