July Program: Walk in the Footsteps of History
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Monday July 28, 7 PM

The Righteous and Rascals of Rockbridge County

Downtown Walking Tour of the Historic Sidewalk Pavers

Led and Performed by Mark Cline

Old Courthouse Meeting Room, 2 S.Main St.

     Free and Open to the Public

RHS’ July program begins with a brief overview of this ongoing project in public history: its aims, its evolution, and how community residents can become involved. The walking tour of sidewalk pavers installed on Main, Washington and Nelson Streets will be led by Mark Cline: local entertainer, historical interpreter, sculptor, and “Righteous and Rascals” Committee Member. Cline’s guided tour will highlight a variety of the engraved stones commemorating local figures of historic and colorful significance, many of them re-enacted in the “first person” to add more vivid and dramatic flair.

Pavers currently installed include a range of local and national icons such as:

George Washington, Meriwether Lewis, John Chavis, ‘Jockey’ John Robinson, Robert E. Lee     (Traveller, too) JTL Preston, Michael Miley, Benjamin Moomaw, George C Marshall, Patsy Cline

Other stones commemorate the lesser-known but memorable exploits of: George W. Crump (the United States’ first recorded streaker in 1804, and future US Congressman), William Wilcher (the first and last white man hanged by the Rockbridge courts in 1906), and Mel Greenberg (who scammed local residents in 1974 while posing as a Hollywood producer, only to become a cause célèbre while in the County Jail).

Righteous and Rascals Flyer — July 2014 Historic Pavers Tour with Mark Cline

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